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ACE Deceleration & Vibration Technology

Damping technology such as: industrial shock absorbers, gas springs, and vibration technology.

These products help to make your protection processes faster, more efficient, quiter, safer, and more sustainable. Protect your equipment with ACE products.

ADSENS Technology

Whether you are looking for Magnetic Sensors, Fluid Power Accessories, Precision Pressure Switch, One-Touch Fittings, and M8 / M12 Circular Connectors, all your ADSENS Technology products are here.


ASCO Fluid Control

Extensive product lines that include a broad range of solenoid valves, angle body piston valves, valve manifolds, cylinders, filters, regulators, lubricators, and accessories.

LEINART'S, INC. has been an authorized ASCO distributor for over 55 Years! We have a large stock of ASCO products for all your solenoid valve, repair kits, and special projects needs.

ASCO products represent where flow control meets pneumatics to create fluid automation solutions that maximize efficiencies, optimize applications, and enable customers to fulfill their true potential.

BIMBA Pneumatic, Hydraulic, & Electric Motion Solutions

A forward-thinking innovator, Bimba provides industry-leading motion solutions that are easy-to-use, reliable and ready for your engineering challenges.

LEINART'S, INC. has been a distributor for the BIMBA brand line for over 25 years. We have an extended stock of all major Bimba brands including: ACRO, MEAD, MFD, PNEUMADYNE & TRD.

CAMOZZI Fittings & Air Accessories

The many components that need to be put together to make an efficient safe system need to be at the top of industry standards. With CAMOZZI products there is nothing but quality. In 2003, CAMOZZI obtained from Det NorskeVeritas the certifications for the Quality Management Systems and the Environmental Management Systems.

LEINART'S, INC. has been a proud partner with CAMOZZI for many years. We have an extensive stock of fittings, valves, & cylinders from CAMOZZI.

SCHUNK Gripping Systems & Robot Accessories

The first industrial-suited grippers from SCHUNK were a milestone in assembly and handling automation. Since then, Schunk has brought countless new and further developments to the market.

LEINART'S, INC. is your SCHUNK Distributor for the state of Tennessee. Since becoming a supplier of SCHUNK products in 2012, we have helped many of our customers to see how their operations can be enhanced by robotic gripping systems.

WILKERSON Filters, FRLs & Regulators

These products represent the total systems approach to air preparation.  Through their wide range of products including, filters, regulators, air dryers, drains, digital pressure gauges, & separators, your needs for air preparation are met.

COILHOSE Air & Tubing Accessories

Representing the industry's leading manufacturer of air tool accessories and air line controls, COILHOSE, has all of your pneumatic accessories needs.

LEINART'S, INC. can help you find what you need for your project or replacement needs. We also stock many different kinds of tubing ranging from color, size, material, and psi rating.

FreelinWade (a Coilhose Company) Tubing & Accessories

We can get all kinds of tubing ranging from Polyurethane, Nylon, Polyethylene, PVC (Vinyl), Coiled, Specialty, Hoses & more to suit whatever your project needs.

COVAL Vacuum Technology

An industrial vacuum applied to suction cups is an efficient method for handling objects and materials.

This technique was developed to meet industrial automation needs, with applications in parts assembly, finishing, testing, transfer, packaging, and many more.

Dwyer Air Measuring Systems

In any application or system some form of measurement will be needed. Let us help you find what you need.

LEINART'S, INC. has been helping our customers find the right measuring system for their project for nearly 85 years. Our staff is ready to help you get the product you need with Dwyer Instruments.

FORCE CONTROL Clutch Brakes, Motor Brakes & Tension-Dyno Brakes

These products represent top manufacturing standards for unique design clutches and brakes for industrial equipment.

LEINART'S, INC. has been working with many of customers to put this product to use in order to reduce maintenance cost.

NGT Specialty Valves

These Specialty Valves offer you bubble-tight operation, maximum flow, manual or remote release of trapped air, and a variety of attachable options to enhance the performance of your system.

RENCO Ergonomically Designed Pneumatic & Electric Two-Hand No-Tie-Down Controls

A two-hand no-tie-down control is a device which requires an operator to have both hands on the control in order to activate the cylinder.

REOTEMP Pressure Gauges & Temperature Gauges

This globally recognized ISO 9001-2008 manufacturer of temperature and pressure instrumentation units has been a partner of LEINART'S, INC. for nearly 5 years. They have a reputation for quality products.

WEISS Electromechanical TC Rotary Indexing Tables

Whether positioning heavy loads or handling high-speed applications- the new TC boasts Virtually double the mass moment of inertia of its predecessor (depending on application parameters) and up to 20% faster cycle times. Click on the logo to learn more about this product.